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Red Stripe Lager Stubby

Price From: $19.00
Red Stripe Lager is a beautiful amber lager with low butterscotch flavour, full bodied and a smooth post-palate sensation.

Mountain Goat Steam Ale

Price From: $22.00
The result is a crisp, sessionable beer, fresh and full of fruity and tropical characters.

Little Creatures Pale

Price From: $24.00
Intense citrus and stone fruit characters are carefully balanced with specialty malts. A beer that is ultimately refreshing with a bitterness that leaves the palate craving for more.

Feral Hop Hog 330ml

Price From: $19.00
Western Australia's Feral Brewing Company crafts an American style Pale Ale with all the typical Pale Ale punch. With the addition of a heavy dose of American Hops during both during the boil and late in the fermenting stage, Hop Hog produces a strong pine needle and citrus aroma, followed by an aggressive bitterness and a dry finish.

Hawkers Pilsner

Price From: $24.00
The Pilsner features a collection of classic German noble hops – plenty of them – and all German pilsner malt too. The proof is there from the off, with the distinctive floral, softly spicy and herbal hop aromas combining with the soft honey like malt aromas. Gentle spices and straw like characters are followed on the palate by a broad, smooth and steadily building bitterness

Temple Anytime PALE

Price From: $24.00
Anytime is a traditional Pale Ale that delivers a big, hoppy aroma and smooth, clean flavour making it the perfect beer, Anytime. Brewed using the best local and American hops, Anytime is reminiscent of big, fresh, classic Pale Ale’s, but is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Awarded the trophy for ‘Best International Pale Ale’ at the 2015 Australian International Beer Awards.

Hawthorne Pilsner

Price From: $24.00
Hawthorn Pilsner draws inspiration from the famous lager regions of Europe. With Pilsner Malt as the base and just a hint of light Crystal Malt, it pours a crystal clear gold colour.

Hawthorn Golden Ale

Price From: $24.00
Hawthorn Golden Ale is an all malt beer with no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Its easy drinking nature help suit this beer to a wide range of food types, including burgers and seafood; or equally enjoyable on its own. Best served chilled in a glass

Colonial IPA Can

Price From: $25.00

Hawthorn Lager

Price From: $23.00
New World Lager is our interpretation of the classic lager style. It’s clean and crisp with a well rounded body and a modern hop character.