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Price From: $19.00
The classic Mexican export, a smooth and refreshing pale lager. Perfect on a hot day.


Price From: $20.00

Orion 334ml

Price From: $26.00
The beer is produced on the sub-tropical Japanese island of Okinawa, and is the only mainstream Japanese beer to be exclusively brewed and bottled in Japan.

Red Stripe Lager Stubby

Price From: $19.00
Red Stripe Lager is a beautiful amber lager with low butterscotch flavour, full bodied and a smooth post-palate sensation.

Sapporo 334ml Stubby

Price From: $19.00
Sapporo Premium Beer is a perfectly balanced golden lager brewed with the Japanese attention to detail. The slow cool fermentation balances delicate hops and esters with a full malt character. The authentic brewing techniques and quality ingredients used have produced a crisp and refreshing lager beer.

Birra Moretti

Price From: $15.00
Type of beer: Lager Alcohol content: 4.6% vol ABV Type of fermentation: bottom Colour: straw Taste: slightly malted

Peroni Red 330ml

Price From: $19.00
The biggest selling beer in Italy! An authentic Italian lager brewed with the finest barley malts for richness. Crisp, refreshing and an ultra flavoursome lager.

Hawthorn Lager

Price From: $23.00
New World Lager is our interpretation of the classic lager style. It’s clean and crisp with a well rounded body and a modern hop character.