Reason Why Cider has Become Popular Drink Among People

Markus Reed | News Sep 07, 2015

According to figures obtained from market research company IBIS World, sales of cider in Australia have grown at an annualised 33.9 percent over the last five years.

Victoria is the country’s biggest producer, making 28.9 per cent of Australia’s cider, followed by NSW with 22.7 percent and Western Australian with 18.2 percent.

The Various Styles Of Ciders Are:


French-style Ciders : 

typically undergo a traditional process known as keeving the removal of nutrients from the juice followed by a long, slow fermentation resulting in a naturally sparkling, sweet, clear, full-flavoured cider that tends to be low in alcohol.

English-Style : 

generally refers to the flavour and mouthfeel of English West Country cider made from true English cider apple varieties. These tend to be rich in tannins, resulting in cider with high levels of astringency and bitterness.

Sparkling or still : 

many of the more traditional varieties of ciders are still, but sparkling ciders are more common. Bottle-conditioned or méthode champenoise ciders have undergone a secondary fermentation in the bottle to create the bubbles. Other methods of carbonation include adding carbon dioxide.

Dry or Sweet : 

a dry cider is achieved by fermenting the juice until most sugars have converted to alcohol. Sweet ciders can be achieved by adding sugar syrups or by pasteurisation, ultra filtration or slow fermentation. The flavour of naturally sweet cider tends to be fruitier since the sweetness is derived from unfermented juice rather than from added sugar.

Below are Some of The Popular Brands of Ciders Available In Australia

  • Monteith’s Pear Cider
  • Harcourt Apple Cider
  • Old Mout Pear Scrumpy
  • Harcourt Pear Cider
  • Flying Brick Pear Cider
  • Flying Brick Original
  • Brookvale Union Apple Cider
  • And many, many more.

Napoleone won Best Australian Cider at the 2014 Annual Cider Australia Awards, for their “Methode Traditionelle Pear Cider”. Methode Traditionelle, simply means making cider using “traditional methods”. These are the methods adopted in France and the UK. This is applying both oak barrel fermentation and then a second round of bottle fermentation. The process is intensive, and the results speak for themselves.

Napoleone are based in the Yarra Valley and have been growing apples for many generations. 

The most popular group of Cider drinkers seem to be women in the age bracket of 18 to 24.   In the last couple of years, the proportion of 18-24 year old men drinking cider grew by 50%; the proportion of 18-24 year old women grew by 132%.

“The rapid increase in the popularity of cider among younger Australians since 2008 coincides with the Federal Government’s introduction of the ‘alcopops’ excise tax on spirits-based Ready To Drink beverages – of which most cider (excluding flavoured cider) is exempt,” said Angela Smith, Group Account Manager Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research.

Consumption of cider decreases with age, with a swift decline between the ages of 25 to 35 (17 percent) and 35 to 49 (8 percent), according to Roy Morgan Research.

However, the findings showed that the 35 to 49 age bracket had experienced the sharpest growth over the past couple of years, from 3 per cent to 8 percent.