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Aromatics are essential to Pinot Noir; a Pinot that smells of nothing disappoints far more than other, bigger red styles that may lack expressiveness. This is because Pinot, more than anything, is about contrasts; of colour and intensity, of body and density. At its best, Pinot is an impossible combination of all these things. This wine, at the entry level to the range, shows two essential Pinot traits: a lightness of colour combined with a wildness of aroma. These immediately mark this as a Pinot of

character as well as one that is true to the variety’s contradictions. Wild strawberry, sous bois, some nutty oak; all these smells are typical, yet it is their nimbleness and sense of abandon that most impresses, notes leaping from the glass without having to be prompted. In the mouth, flavours are fresh and crunchy, with red fruits and a sappy, mouthwatering acid line. Body is light and flavours remain bright as the wine moves through an increasingly textural back palate. Tannins edge in here, lightly grainy, scattering over the tongue like delicately applied seasoning.

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