It was in the second half of the 17th century, at the end of the Thirty Years’ War, that we found the first traces of the Lorentz family in the town of Ribeauvillé. They were then innkeeper or cooper but also gourmet, the old name of wine brokers, giving them a status of choice in the community.

In 1748, Jean-Georges Lorentz, winegrower and blacksmith, was the first to settle in Bergheim, the future cradle of our house.

His son, Pierre Lorentz, then married the granddaughter of the then mayor (Nicolas Schmitt). The generations follow one another with the births of Jacques Lorentz in 1798 and Charles Lorentz in 1836. It is in this same year that the Maison Lorentz is born in the town of Bergheim. This House that Georges Lorentz has the honor to manage today for the 7th generation.

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