The Lubiana family have been making wine in Italy since the late 1800’s in the northwest of Italy (today Croatia) , Andrea Lubiana left his family vineyard in Istria and moved his winemaking life from Northern Italy to South Australia for a new life after World War Two. In South Australia Andrea’s winemaking continued and was taken over by his son Mario Lubiana. Steve Lubiana was the next winemaker to continue the legacy and moved to Tasmania in 1990 to produce fine wines from cool climate varietals. After finishing high school I undertook a bachelor of Oenology and Viticulture at the University of Adelaide and graduated in 2018, during my time in Adelaide I worked for East End Cellars for two years where my palate was fine tuned to quality fine wines of France and Italy thanks to Michael Andrew Arthur and the team. Finishing university I was left with a strong interest in Burgundy, I went on to find an internship in Cote d’Or for the 2019 vintage. The experience was great and looking forward to another European vintage.

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