The year was 1991, Sarah and Sparky Marquis had recently married on the back of finishing their winemaking studies with the world at their feet. They had each other, $1000 between them and dreams of developing their own business. They wanted to succeed in a career they were both passionate about, help others when possible, and to always have fun.

Starting out as winemakers for Sarah’s parents at Fox Creek in 1994, they soon developed and implemented their Marquis Vineyard Watering Programme™ in the vineyards, which produced the exceptional grapes that would go on to make their award-winning wines.

Over the next few years, they went from strength to strength; they won the Bushing King and Queen Trophy for Best Wine in Show three times and were crowned Australian Boutique Winemakers of the Year, as well as Australian White Winemakers of the Year.

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