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Founded in 1957 in¬†Nago, Okinawa¬†during the American occupation of Okinawa, Orion began making beer in 1959. Orion struggled to compete with the other major Japanese breweries, but after changing from a German-style beer to an American-style beer, it gained the top share in the Okinawan market. Orion became the most widely consumed beer in Okinawa, and ‚Äúthe company‚Äôs popularity took off as the brew became a more American style beer‚ÄĚ,[5]¬†but until 2002, it had a market that was limited to mostly Okinawa. Since 2002, Orion has worked together with¬†Asahi Breweries¬†to manufacture Asahi beers in Okinawa, in return for Asahi’s assistance in selling Orion beer outside of Okinawa.[6]

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