When people discuss Barolo, they talk about Renato Ratti.  A local and international icon, Renato revolutionized Barolo wine, setting quality standards and taking part in writing the law that now enforces the rules of the Barolo appellation. After studying oenology at the University of Alba, Renato was employed by Cinzano in Brazil, overseeing production of vermouth and sparkling wines. In 1965 he left the sunnier climes of South America for his homeland where he purchased a vineyard, Marcenasco near the village of La Morra. Joined by his nephew winemaker, Massimo Martinelli, in 1969 he experimented with just the right formula for achieving the best results, ultimately reducing the length of the maceration and fermentation as well as barrel ageing, which was reduced to two years to allow further development in the bottle. An integral part of the Ratti production process is the traditional use of a ‘stepped’ winery, where the wine is moved and vinification assisted through the use of gravity.

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