I grew up in Healesville, and did a little bit of summer work in vineyards, starting in ’91. In ’99 I started working in wineries full time. I only occasionally look back and wonder ‘what was I thinking?’

My first few years in wine were spent at Yarra Ridge and Punt Road, grunt work mostly.

From 2002-11 I was fortunate to serve in the role of winemaker at the revered Mount Mary Vineyard. Despite 10 vintages there, it went by in a flash. The first few years were nerve-wracking, in my opinion I was too green for the role, I wasn’t going to knock it back though.

Then 3 years at Kellybrook Winery, a great experience with a good friend, and simultaneously starting my own label, before taking the leap into fulltime self-employment in 2014.

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