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Riserva di Fizzano, the winery’s historic cru, already encapsulated the characteristics of the Gran Selezione long before the birth of the new denomination, since it was at the forefront of the so-called “Chianti Classico Revolution”. And perhaps it was the cutting-edge wines already being made here, with their utterly inimitable features, that inspired the development and subsequent definition of the pinnacle of Chianti Classico’s qualitative pyramid; in other words, the new denomination was necessary in order to properly classify these wines.

Riserva di Fizzano Gran Selezione is the expression of grapes from a single vineyard that extends across 35 hectares, with rows nestling on the gently rolling hillsides. The gravel- and sand-rich soil is perfect for bringing out the fragrances of the Sangiovese grape, and the south-western exposure is ideal for absorbing the sunshine and winds in the right proportions to promote slow, constant ripening. These gifts of nature are complemented by the ongoing commitment of the winery to enhance its agronomic management and to make the most of its dialogue with the terroir.

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