The story of the Viberti Giovanni winery begins when Cavalier Antonio Viberti buys the Locanda del Buon Padre. The year was 1923 when Antonio began to produce wine for the guests of his Locanda in the basement of the Buon Padre. At the time, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo were the 3 grapes vinified alone by Cavaliere and the sale of wines took place almost exclusively within the Buon Padre.

In 1967 the second son Giovanni, assisted by his wife Maria, began the first steps in the small family cellar.

The presence of Mary becomes fundamental for the winecellar and for the Buon Padre. A cooking woman who is directly involved in the preparation of dishes, contributes with her work and her human value to the growth of the cellar, the wines and the family. .

In the ’70s the cellar grows, thanks to the new premises where they begin the first fermentation in cement tanks.

At the end of the 80s the first micro-vinifications of the individual vineyards began in temperature-controlled steel tanks and the first exclusively local sale began to expand in the European countries. The ’90s mark the beginning of exportation in the growing US market.

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